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Michelle Radzinski
(440)823-5717:: mradzins@gmail.com


2012 - Present   Burntwood Tavern                            Chagrin Falls,OH

  • Hands-on experience in taking orders and communicate to kitchen and bar staff. 
  • Demonstrated ability to greet patrons, present menus, make suggestions and reply questions.
  • Able to assist guests in menu selection, and provide accurate and detailed information. Proven ability to recommend wines that complement patrons meals.

2010 - 2011   Stupid Fun Club LLC                        Berkeley, CA
Lead Animator/ Game Designer

  • Worked directly with Will Wright to develop game designs and produce quality gameplay animations.
  • Designed the prototype for Ant Farm Revolution by Milton. It has been sold in toy stores and several websites.
  • Designed box art and logo for a toy called wall racers.
  • Collaborated with 12 different engineers, artists and producers to create 5 game prototypes.
  •  Responsible for all animations,models, and rigs for prototypes of different games, TV shows and toys designs.

2008- 2010     Champagne Entertainment                  Solon, OH
Graphic Designer

  • Created promotional content for website, magazine, and newspaper advertisements that brought in several new clients.
  • Scheduled bands and entertainment for business clients.
  • Implemented a database for client, local entertainment and musical artists.

2010                Dots                                                  Solon, OH
Freelance Graphic Designer

  • Conceptualized a new line of clothing and implemented several personal designs.  

2009                 FJORG- Siggraph                           New Orleans, LA
Computer Animator

  • Developed, planned, animated, and rendered an original 45 second film in the span of 32 hours while keeping a team of 3 focused under multiple distractions.


2004-2008         Ringling College of Art and Design Sarasota, FL
BFA     concentration in Computer Animation

  • Worked on several self-guided projects encompassing several months each.
  • Collaborated with teachers, mentors, and fellow students to create my senior thesis.


Maya Autodesk, Adobe CS3-CS5 Master Collections, Corel Painter X and above,
Pixar Renderman for Maya, After Effects, Shake, Flash, Unity Engine

References Available on Request